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Record Snows Mean Record Ice Dams

With the record snow fall and constantly changing temperatures, Minnesota is seeing one of the toughest winters for ice dams in a long time.  Here is some information that should help you understand this common winter problem.

Ice Dams Cause Water Damage and Should be Removed Quickly

Icicles may be an indication of damage to come. Homeowners should take immediate action to prevent water damage to home.

The sight of icicles hanging from your home may illicit some winter cheer, but may also predict damage about to be caused to your home. Icicles are one of the first indications that an ice dam is forming on your roof. Ice dams prevent proper drainage of melted snow and ice from your roof as the moisture is trapped behind a solid block of ice. The backed up moisture may seep into the roof and then transfer into walls, soffits, and insulation, causing mold to form and making insulation less efficient.

Water Damage From Moisture Leakage

Mold From Water Damage

As moisture finds its way into the walls, it will come into contact with insulation. The insulation is very absorbent and will move and settle along the path the water takes through the insulated area. As the insulation shifts, it becomes far less efficient and may compound the problem by allowing extra heat to escape, which can lead to more ice dams.

A far bigger issue is that the moisture serves as a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can cause respiratory ailments and allergies. Molds may also produce mycotoxins, compounds which are toxic to humans and are particularly harmful to infants, those with other respiratory illnesses and the elderly.

Ice Dam Removal and Prevention

The key to winning the battle against ice dams is prevention. Most ice dams can be prevented by removing snow from roofs, which limits the amount of material available to melt and freeze, as well as taking away the snow’s ability to insulate the melted water underneath the snow on the roof. There are many roofing contractors available to assist homeowners in clearing snow from their roofs.

If your home has sustained water damage due to ice damming, contact a Minnesota restoration company today.

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