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Water Damage Restoration Equipment Rental Minneapolis MN

Minneapolis MN Water and Flood Damage Equipment Rental Whether it’s a busted pipe, a severe storm or a flood; water damage is a massive headache that can use the help of a skilled specialist. Time is not a luxury, when you are dealing with water damage. When you call us we promise not to waste any time. You’ll speak to a live man or woman who will take your information and have a crew on site within the hour. We take excellent pride in our water restoration project manager who will be on site from the start of the project to figure out how best to reduce damage to your property; preserving you thousands of dollars in losses. Water Damage Repair Their are a range of ways water damage can affect you, from basic through cracks in the floor or foundation, leaky water heaters, and overflowing toilets or sinks to broken pipes, backed up sewers or septic systems, and outright floods from lakes and rivers. No matter what the source or cause, unwanted water can do enormous damage to your belongings and property, and must be dealt with quickly, decisively and professionally. At the 1st sign of undesired water contact Done Right immediately! Our highly skilled professionals are available 24/7 to limit your damage and return your property to normal as swiftly as possible. Our 20 years of experience permits us to quickly identify the source of the problem and do everything probable to stop it. We then remove all your personal property from the affected area, employ our state of the art equipment in removing as much water as possible, and then begin drying the area with our high velocity fans and ventilation systems. Done Right’s expertise and quick action is essential in helping you limit damage. Water Damage Restoration The real work normally starts after the water flow has been stopped. Once the water has been removed from the impacted area and it has been dried with our high velocity fans, we can begin assessing the damage and restore the affected property. Done Right’s 20 years in the industry has made it the leader in water damage restoration. Experiencing a little bit of everything before has helped us to know what, where, and how to look for damage. The first goal is to avert severe health problems that can be induced by mold, mildew, fungus or contaminated water. Making sure there is no lingering odor or telltale marks is important because it can significantly reduce the value of a property. We are happy to deal with your insurance carrier and strive to make our services and assistance fit your budget. Water damage never comes at a convenient time! However, when it does, it needs to be Done Right to make sure you and your family are safe and your home or building is restored like new! Flooded Basements Being a homeowner can have its nightmares, most of us don’t have time to wake up to a flooded basement! Not only is it a horrible inconvenience, it can also considerably lower the value of your property. It doesn’t matter what the cause of a flooded basement might be, Done Right offers you its state of the art equipment and 20 years of experience. Our industrial pumps will clear away the water quickly and efficiently. Our high velocity fans will dry the area in no time at all. Our experience in dealing with mold, mildew, fungus and water that might be contaminated will keep you and your family safe. “Done Rights” water damage restoration skills will have your basement...

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Water Damaged Floor Repair and Restoration

Restoration On A Water Damaged Hardwood Floor You might be familiar with this situation: you have recently installed beautiful cherry wood floors and then you notice the thing most dreaded by homeowners…..warped floor boards. Your first instinct might be to fix the floor. A word of caution, though: are you ready for what you might find? Repairing water damage on a hardwood floor is a task that may be necessary from time to time on a small scale with intermittent spillages or minor leaks. Alternatively you may be faced with major water damage following flood or a large body of water that has saturated your hardwood floorboards. Repairing Minor Hardwood Floor Water Damage If you have discovered a minor leak that has allowed water to seep onto your hardwood floorboards, there may be a single spot that has become damp and discoloured compared to the rest of your floor. In this case there are some simple steps that you can take to repair the hardwood floor water damage. Firstly, make sure you have identified the source of the water damage and fixed it completely. Any later repair work will be for nothing if you do not seal the leak or repair the pipes from where the water is coming. Next, you may be faced with a spot that is discoloured and possibly swollen and cracked or warped. The wood grain has become affected by the water damage and has reacted. Dry out the affected area until it is completely dry before beginning any restoration work on it. Begin by sanding back the affected area starting with a coarse sandpaper before moving back to a finer grit. Once the area has been sanded back and the stain edges are smooth treat the area with a wood sealant that matches the rest of the floor. Following one coat of sealant it may be necessary to sand it back before adding another coat. Some kind of blending process may have to be done so that the damaged area winds up looking the same as the original floor. Major Hardwood Floor Water Damage Repair When a lot of moisture has been absorbed by a hardwood floor the most common result is that the wood expands. When the boards expand they become wider and one of two things might happen, you might have a buckled floor or you may have a floor that is cupped. In either case you are left with a seriously uneven floor. In order to restore the water damaged hardwood floor without having to pull up the entire floor and replace it you can use a process known as desiccant dehumidification. This is carried out by bringing in a desiccant dehumidifier which if very effective at reducing the humidity level in the air. The desiccant dehumidifier can be run under sealed conditions to completely remove the moisture from the area. In this case you are removing moisture from the floorboards. Running a dehumidifier for an extended period will help to reduce the swollen floorboards and counteract the cupping or buckling that has taken place. As the moisture is drawn out of the air it will also be drawn out of the hardwood floorboards and they will shrink back to their normal size. Effectively you want the top surface of the floorboards and the bottom surface to be balanced in moisture content. Once the floor has been properly dried and the moisture is removed from the surrounding area, the floor can be sanded back and refinished so that it is returned to its original smoothness again.  If the hardwood floor has...

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