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Water Damage Can Often Be Caused By Weather

Flooding due to storms can take a serious toll on your home and belongings. Sometimes the flooding comes in the form of ground water, which can bring raw sewage and other hazardous contaminants into your home.

Another type of flooding can be from water main breaks, or other plumbing problems inside your home. Sometimes you’ll have a leaking pipe, or a leaking water heater. Potable (or drinkable) water floods don’t pose the same threats as untreated water floods.

No matter the source of the flood, if you have standing water in your home, you may have the right environment for serious health risks. You can’t waste time after a flood. You need water damage repair fast. Most of your belongings and the materials that homes are built from are made to remain dry. Providing walls, carpets, carpet padding and air ducts are dry, they’re safe and serviceable. But add water and the right conditions and your home becomes a big biohazard.

Water In The Home Is An Invitation To Grow Mold and Mildew

Slow leaks are dangerous because you don’t necessarily notice them right away. Meanwhile a wet area can grow mold and mildew, maybe even going unnoticed and out of control. Major leaks and floods are dangerous too, and they sometimes bring raw sewage and other biohazards into your home. Standing water in the home is an invitation to grow mold and mildew. Even when the water is removed, everything remains damp. In addition to creating mold, flooding causes structural damage as well.

When gallons and gallons of warm water (or water of any temperature) spill into your home, wood floors can warp and swell, your walls can absorb water like a sponge, your carpets and carpet padding absorb the water, your furniture soaks in the water, your wood furniture can become damaged, warp and split. Water damage restoration can help lessen or remove the problems associated with flooding.

Water Damage and Contaminants

Floods can back up sewer lines which break and create dreadful toxic damage to your home and surrounding area. It’s very important to check with health officials and know the capacity of the damage and type of work required.

A Minnesota Water Damage Expert will be able to evaluate if the damage is just too great to repair. If hazardous wastes are involved, you’ll need our professional guidance to evaluate the safety issues. We’ll evaluate if it’s safe to do water extraction, or if we’ll be hauling away the debris for a full carpet replacement.



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