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Water Damage!!!  Immediate Steps YOU Must Take!

If your home is damaged by water, there are some immediate steps YOU must take to begin the water damage cleanup process.  Most of the damages can be minimized thereby reducing major expenses, by quick and timely action. Every delay is only going to make matters worse.

Any drying being done must be Done Right to see to it that there aren’t any environments which promote and allow hazardous materials to flourish, taking your home or business and turning it into a more problematic one that will only get bigger if not cared for.

AVOID THE HAZARDS!  Be extremely careful of the deadly combination of water and electricity. Also be careful of slippery wet carpets and floors. Stay away from raw sewage backups, which can contain nasty bacteria and can be extremely harmful to your health.

STOP THE SOURCE!  If you haven’t located the source of running water, call us immediately and we will guide you through the appropriate steps (It is crucial to know what to do!)

REMOVE FURNITURE!  Wood furniture will cause stains which cannot be removed. Rust stains from metal are difficult to remove and may be permanent. Items that are not in direct contact with the water can still be damaged. This means, until the water and humidity are restored to normal, everything in the house must be removed.  95% of water damage jobs are restorable and most of the 5% which aren’t restored are caused by not doing this. So move all furniture that is even near water and place something under the legs.

TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION!  24 hour emergency response teams on call now.  You will always be answered by a staff member. We will respond immediately and help you get back on track fast.  You will NOT get an answering service, but a certified water damage expert that can and will dispatch a crew to your home within the hour to do a free evaluation!!!

24 Hour Emergency Service

If your home or business has sustained ANY type of water damage, you need to have a qualified Minnesota restoration company that does Water and Flood Damage Cleanup. They will have the proper state-of-the-art equipment to clean up any water damage, such as Fans, Dehumidifiers, Air Scrubbers, Ozone Machines, Desiccants that can save most valuables.

You should never attempt water damage cleanup on your own or conduct your own assessment, as entering your home after a fire or flood can be extremely dangerous. Don’t be fooled into thinking any wet/dry vac can do the job. Water damage restoration must be done thoroughly to prevent any health issues.

24 Hour Emergency Service

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