Ice Dams Causing Problems For Many Minnesota Homeowners

Emergency Help For Minnesota Homeowners Dealing With Ice Dams In 1 Hour Or Less

All the recent snow all across the metro, combined with the recently warmer weather, is giving many Minnesota homeowners the headache of dealing with ice dams.

Ice Dam

Ice dams form when snow on top of a roof melts, trickles downward and then refreezes when it hits a colder roof edge.  As the ice continues to build up on a roof’s edge, water pools up behind it and often leaks into a home. Ice dams are most likely to form when the temperature is in the low 20s for several days and several inches of snow are already on a roof.

In the Twin Cities, many longtime homeowners say this is the first time in memory they have grappled with significant ice dams. They fear gutter damage, water damage, mold and even collapsed roofs.

A spokeswoman for State Farm Insurance said the insurer has received about 50 claims per day regarding ice dams in the metro area, or more than 500 to date.

Why is this year so bad?

“We’ve had 34 inches of snow in one month,” said Paul Douglas, former Twin Cities television meteorologist and founder of WeatherNation, a weather news service in Excelsior.

Douglas called the convergence of snow, thaw and rain a “worst-case scenario” for ice dams. But he said there’s a pale light at the end of the tunnel: Drips and leaks should stop tonight as temperatures fall and rooftop snow stops melting.

We’re going to be below freezing through next week, so it will give homeowners a chance to catch up and try to get rid of some of these ice dams. Call the Minnesota Water Damage Restoration Company that can be there within an hour or less to work with the roofing contractors to help with the all of the water damage and flood clean up homeowners are dealing with.  You’ll speak to a live person who will take your information and have a crew on site within the hour.

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