Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration MN

MN Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Many home and business owners believe that the damage their property suffers is directly related to the flames of the fire. On the contrary, quite often the damage we see is caused by the smoke and soot that settles into contents.

Fires can be ignited in many different ways, which can result in the variation of damage. Quick burning fires burn much more rapidly at elevated temperatures. These types of fires can cause large amounts of flames to flow at a high velocity throughout a structure.

A smoldering fire is a fire that is formed at a lower temperature and can burn much longer with little flames. These types of fires can create more damage than quick burning fires because of their lower temperatures and high volume of smoke that can be created.

With either type of fire the smoke can cause damage to every category of item in your home or business. Smoke can change colors of fabric, cause metals to rust, change colors of pictures, stain wood, and many other items. The sheer heat of a fire can cause a magnitude of damage as well, including shattering glass products, melting plastics, and destroying pictures. The fire can also spread and use the materials laying in its path for the main fuel source, including walls, ceilings, the framing of your home, the roof, your appliances, and anything else that it will come across. Think about a forest fire, the more dry trees that lay in the path of a fire, the further it can spread. The same logic applies to buildings.

Remember that it is an estimated 50-80 percent of deaths are actually due to smoke inhalation rather then burns from a fire ( By breathing in the particles of smoke, you are inhaling a mixture of heated particles that, due to combustion, are mixed with various gases. It is extremely important to know that if a fire does occur in the location that you are in and becomes out of control, leave the area immediately. Never, under any circumstance, enter the home or place of business before the fire department has allowed entrance of the area.

  • Always remember to keep open candles away from fabrics of any kind: blankets, sheets, window treatments, clothes, or any other flammable item.
  • Make sure cords to your electronics are in correct functioning order: no loose wires exposed.
  • Floor lamps should be positioned away from anything flammable, including window treatments or curtains.

Due to the unique characteristics of smoke damage, fire restoration can be quite complicated. It is important to have an experienced restoration team on your side. An immediate treatment will help reduce health hazards and simplify any additional cleanup.

A professional restoration company can minimize damage by prompt thorough action that will bring your property and its contents as close to pre-damage conditions as possible using specialized detection equipment to evaluate and document conditions inside and outside the structure.

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